Random Material Palette Generator

RMPG is a tool to create three color palettes just with a click! RMPG uses Material Design colors.

See your palettes in different ways!

Use the top right menu to display the palette with your favorite template. You can choose from:
Material card
Classic vertical palette
Circular palette
Threebł logo in svg format

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Use the top left menu to give a like and share your palettes:
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Copy the colors code or download your palette. Available formats: PDF, PNG, HTML

Edit your palette!

Use the color code buttons, you can:
Lock / unlock a color
Swap the color position (only desktop version)
Manually select a color from the Material Color Palette (only desktop version)

Copy a color code by clicking on color code itself, it will be ready to be pasted wherever you want!

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Use the bottom left-hand menu:
To see all your palettes
To show the most loved palettes from our community!

Even developers are thirsty! :)

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We used the following resources:
Google font: Raleway, Opens Sans
Icons: Font Awesome
Beer icon: Sensibleworld
Social sharing management: jsSocials
Text/background contrast management: ColourBrightness
Pdf generation: jsPDF
Tooltip: BalloonCss

Random Material Palette Generator

is just born, but wants to grow and needs your suggestions :)

Which additional features would you like?

Palette with more than three colors
Other template to display the generated palette
More colors, not just material
Personal accounts
Color picker in mobile version
Swap color in the mobile version
Manually entering a color code
RGB, HSB, CMYK color codes
Random google fonts in text template
Print and buy pins with my palette

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Random Material Palette
Programmata per caso a luglio 2017 da Threebł :)